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popular ian/wanderer fancasting picspam

If you know me, you know how fickle I am when it comes to dream casts, especially concerning The Host. I can never really "commit" to an actor or actresses, so instead of making a picspam of my dream cast Ian and Wanderer ...I've made a compilation of the popular choices for these two roles. Obviously Wanderer doesn't have a body outside of Melanie's until the end, so I also dedicated a small section to Melanie as the actress who portrays Melanie will also be portraying Wanderer (she better be a damn good actress otherwise this film is screwed, lol).

I know there's a chance I didn't feature your particular Ian or Wanderer, but I just went with the actors and actresses who are favourites/popular. If you don't agree with any of these choices, that's totally cool (as I myself am wishy-washy). Feel free to share your own in the comments or make your own picspams. :)

ian o'shea*
" with oddly fair skin and vivid blue eyes..."*
The Host, page 123.

Chacey C, famous for being the prettiest manwhore on Gossip Girl. He's like, the underdog dream cast Ian. His acting ~skillz~ aside, some may argue that he is too young and "girly", but he's never been quite ruled out of the fandom. To be honest, if the Melanie actress cast is crap (because I think whomever plays Melanie matters a lot), then I'd be perfectly fine with Chace as Ian because at least there'd be something nice to look at during the movie, heh.

I think this choice is mainly based on physical appearance for he certainly does "look" like Ian. Black hair (if he dyed it), fair skin, striking blue eyes... I haven't seen him act in anything, so I don't know how he'd fare in that respect.

This is the newest suggestion I have seen, but I included Chris Hemsworth because a lot of people were really enthusiastic about the idea of him as Ian. I haven't seen Star Trek yet (don't ask me why. I don't have such answers.) or anything else he has been in, but he definitely looks like he could pull off Ian.

Chris Pine is somewhat of an awkward choice because he's also fan casted as Jared (and sometimes even Kyle), who is not really like Ian at all. Like I said, I haven't seen Star Trek, so I cannot judge his acting skills. (I did see that Lindsay Lohan movie he was in though, but I don't think I can use that to judge anything ever in life)

Surprise, surprise, it's Mr. Somerhalder. He is undoubtedly the most popular choice for Ian, and the most popular choice for any role overall (even moreso than Sophia as Mel). He is sometimes also fancasted as Kyle O'Shea which makes me think that this must be mostly appearance-based (because appearance-wise Ian = Kyle). HOWEVER, personally, in the days when I saw Somerhalder as Ian O'Shea it was due to his role as the youthful Boone Carlyle of the most awesome show ever LOST. Ian Somerhalder is a snarky vampire now and ehhh, I don't know.... Ahhh I can't even begin to get into it. And that's all I will say about that. Oh, and despite the ~rumors~ I'm pretty sure he hasn't been cast...

James McAvoy is the first Ian suggestion I can remember from waaay back in May 2008 when the novel was first released, but he still seems to appear now and then in fanart. He's definitely got the pretty blue eyes (but so does EVERY guy fancasted as Ian).

"The face in the mirror was roundish, too, not quite oval. Small. The skin on the face had the same silver undertone - silver like moonlight- as the hand did, with another handful of the golden freckles across the bridge of the nose. Wide gray eyes, the silver of the soul shimmering faintly behind the soft color, framed by tangled golden lashes. Pale pink lips, full and almost round, like a baby's. Small, even white teeth behind them. dimple in the chin. And everywhere, everywhere, golden, waving hair that stood away from my face in a bright halo and fell below where the mirror showed."
The Host, page 603.

Elisabeth Harnois who is apparently 30 years old. I never watched One Tree Hill, but I suppose she does have that innocent angelic little girl look with the wavy blonde hair.

Amanda is soo talented and has played a variety of roles, so I don't doubt that she could pull it off. She's not *that* popular of a suggestion, but she definitely fits the general physical description of Pet, which is why I included her (and why she's on the user info banner of this comm).

Kristen Bell, a fan favourite. Petite, blonde, blue eyes. Hmm, not really sure what else I can say about her. I feel like she's too hyper in all of her roles (Veronica, Elle, various romcom protagonists) to play Wanderer, but who knows. Like Elisabeth Harnois, she may be a tad too old.

Emilie de Ravin ...otherwise known as the pregnant girl on LOST who is now cuckoo. I don't remember when she was first suggested, but she seems to be a really popular choice. Again, I think it's the physical description, like 95% of dream cast Wanderers.

More The Vampire Diaries cast? Yes, it's Candice Accola who plays Caroline Forbes on TVD. She's not that popular of a choice, but I included her because physically she's the closest actress who looks like the Wanderer in my mind. I don't think she's naturally blonde, but whatever - people can dye their hair. Her freckles are probably what make me picture her. Pet is described as having golden freckles scattered across her face.

melanie stryder

The four most popular actresses for Melanie Strdyer...

Sophia Bush: the most popular choice. I've never seen "Hitcher" or whatever that film is called with her in the desert, but she is basically the Somerhalder of the Melanie role.

Eliza Dushku: fits the very general description and can certainly pull off the two (or ten) personalities in one body.

Summer Glau: I have never watched TSCC and paid proper attention, but kissingdaylight always refers to this one episode in which Summer had to play two roles in one... Summer also looks innocent, but in a scary way because you know she can still kick your ass.

Camilla Belle: tanned, pretty, dark hair, brown eyes ...but I think fanart is where she starts and stops as Melanie. In other words, she looks like a Mel, but Idk about pulling it off acting-wise :/

I think that Melanie should either go to an unknown or a relatively unknown actress. But hey - it's nice to cast already known actresses for the sake of fanart ;)


*this is actually a description of Kyle, but Wanderer notes a few lines down when Ian first speaks that they looked exactly the same. Ian's descriptive features are spread all throughout the novel, so I just used Kyle's since it was there in one sentence, lol

"It’s not the face, but the expressions on it. It’s not the voice, but what you say. It’s not how you look in that body, but the things you do with it. You are beautiful."
-Ian, chapter 38.
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Ian--I don't judge ANYONE but Chace and Drew on acting. I say no to both on that basis alone, but I don't like their looks for Ian, either.

Again, purely looks-based, but I pick Ian Somerhalder. I don't know if he can pull off the role acting-wise--but I don't know if he can't, either. Never seen him try something like Ian.

Wanderer--I like Amanda Seyfried, both looks and acting-wise. Plus, she's the only one who could possibly look as young as I picture Wanderer being, and she has a sweetness to her.

Mel--Eh, I'm going for more of an unknown. Don't like Camilla, don't like Summer; Eliza's probably too old, and there's something just not... It, for Sophia. Mel's only twenty, remember.
The thought of Kristen Bell as Wanderer makes me twitch. I really don't like her and I think she's way too smug to play someone so pure~, lmfao.

Other than that, I really don't have strong opinions about anyone other than "yes" and "no."
What what? Why the Kristen hate? When is she smug?
I've found her smug since Veronica Mars, lol.
lol all the popular suggestions make me angry. :( I'll just be thankful Somerhalder and Sophia will be right in the middle of filming their respective TV series early in the year and will most likely not even be a blip on casting directors' radars.

I agree about Somerhalder a la the Lost days, but him on Lost this season? He was acting like Damon, not Boone. So that right there just shuts the door on him completely for me. THE HEMSWORTH REVOLUTION IS STARTING, WOO-HOO.

LOL Kristen Bell I just do not get at all. Yeah she's blonde but I don't see anything else that is supposed to represent Wanderer. If anything, she would fit more as Melanie. I think that one is more a matter of people loving her and wanting her in their movie no matter what. Amanda Seyfried is probably the closest but I think she's too famous now.
Oh, I know ...when I watched the season premiere, I actually screamed out loud that it was Damon on the plane, not Boone :(


April 29 2010, 06:35:05 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 29 2010, 06:35:23 UTC

I hope that's true about Sophia, but I'm not so sure schedules couldn't be worked around if they really wanted either of them. That's especially true with Ian since he's not the lead. They could begin filming non-Ian scenes and just shoot him in the early summer. Plus we don't even know for sure that they'll start filming early next year. That's more of a rumor and depends on many things coming together before that time; so filming might be done completely in the summer which would not exclude any TV actors from being a part.

They might not want to cast someone in a TV series on the off chance there is another movie though. Since there's not even another book yet though, that would probably be thinking too far ahead.

I didn't watch TVD until a couple of months ago, so I didn't know Damon when I was watching Lost at the beginning of the season. Thinking back, it's a bit fuzzy, but I generally agree. I say, let's not give up on Ian 100% as an actor yet though. We don't know how his character has been changed by this sideways world. I mean, Shannon wasn't with him on the plane, so that throws up a big red flag that he's a very different person. Was it bad acting on the plane, indicating he's just a pretty face and doesn't have any the skill to pull off an important role? Maybe. I'd still give him the benefit of the doubt until the rest of Lost airs, however.

That was... extensive, but I love Boone (I am currently rewatching season 1) and I've heard this whole "He was so Damon on the plane!" thing before, so I felt the need to set the record straight there, just once.

Then again, I have lots of unpopular Lost opinions... Would you like another? ;)
To be honest, I just don't want Somerhalder at all. I didn't see him as Ian when I was reading. He doesn't exude the kindness that Ian does, he's much more swagger and attitude and I don't see that in Ian. If he could be Ian, it would have been back in the Lost days, aka 4 or 5 years ago. I loved Boone too (Damon not so much) but I don't want him in this movie.

So for me, he's in the same category as Sophia, hoping their TV schedules will prevent them from being considered lol.

I have unpopular Lost opinions too... OMG I HATE SAWYER/JULIET. D:
Sawyer/Juliet D: It seemed so forced. I didn't want her to die, but I'm glad that relationship is over with ...but then again with this sideverse stuff and her "we can go dutch" ramblings, who knows? -_-
Yeah, they were sooooo forced. I could buy that they did fall in love because they were trapped together for years, but then they tried to turn it into some epic romance. I couldn't believe they wanted to stay and play house forever. Did Juliet completely forget she had a sister with cancer that she was desperate to get back to? She went from an interesting character to some girl who cries over her boyfriend liking someone else more than her. And the way they're making her seem as integral to the love triangle as Kate is... ugh, I could go on and on about how much I dislike S/J lol.

And I'm really not speaking from a shipper perspective because I don't mind Jack/Kate at all.
I understand not wanting an actor, and Hemsworth is an attractive man, I just don't know anything about his acting. I think if Somerhalder was Boone once he probably could do something similar again, but who really knows. I mean, the man did start off as a model, I recognize, so I wouldn't try to cast him in Shakespeare or anything. lol

I guess I'm also kinda nervous, hoping the TV schedule doesn't make a difference because of my desire for Summer Glau as Mel and she's been cast in some NBC superhero-type show for next year. They have to at least consider her. Please!

haha. I don't hate Sawyer/Juliet, but I certainly never saw the huge appeal. Mainly I was happy they were out of the way cause my Lost OTP is Jack/Kate. I love them together and separately and I tend to get a lot of flack for that. I do not understand why they're so incredibly hated.

I gather from your icons that you're primarily a Sawyer/Kate shipper? ;)

PS - I also love(d) Boone/Shannon. A lot. It's not incest if they're not related!


April 29 2010, 21:41:25 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 29 2010, 21:42:10 UTC

You should watch Star Trek, or at least just the beginning 10 minutes or so, when he's in it. Robert Downey Jr just said this about him and I thought it was soooooo true: "It's interesting, isn't it? That guy is compelling even in small doses, so I bet getting to see him fully inhabit an iconic character should be good," He stole the whole movie with his one scene. He's just totally magnetic. I do think he's probably a little too big for The Host now, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

I don't know, it's just been my recollection that TV actors don't typically get cast in big movies, and when they do, it's usually a small one they can fit in over summer hiatus. But of course there are exceptions, like Blake Lively in Green Lantern. I hope they do consider Summer for you but I would be prepared for the likely case of them them casting a movie actress. Learn from our Twilight days, don't pin all your hopes on a "dream team" LOL!

I do prefer Sawyer/Kate but I like Jack/Kate and I liked Jack/Juliet too. I just hate what Juliet has become as a result of the S/J storyline. Full details here lol.

HOW COULD I FORGET TO ADD: Boone/Shannon are my Lost OTP. I still have lingering resentment towards Sayid for that reason.
The new JJ Abrams Star Trek. He was in that? OH WAIT. Is he Kirk's father? Okay, well he's certainly at least a fine actor but I can't say he was super-compelling. Still, that tiny segment isn't enough to give him a fair judgment. I do love RDJ, though, so his comment means something.

I'm quite curious about the type of actors this movie will draw. I mean, will more famous actors than we think be drawn to it because they saw the way Twilight really rocketed those actors to mega stardom? Will the casting director try to go for famous faces or prefer the unknowns?

I know my hopes are unlikely, but it's so hard not to hope. I mean, Summer has a lot against her that even I can think of, imagine what I don't know with regards to her, her predilections and schedule, how the casting director and director view the role, etc. We still enjoy our dreaming with Emily/Gaspard though, right? I mean, it's quite a nice little community. ;)

Awesome! Boone/Shannon are just the best. I'm so sad Maggie Grace isn't guesting on Lost this season so we could have had them one last time. They literally killed our ship too soon! I was mad at both Sayid and Shannon for awhile for being gone when Boone died. The least she could have done was frakking be there.


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Hey... where's Brittany Snow in the Wanda list??? She's a much popular choice than that Candice girl =(
OH CRAP. I knew I had forgotten someone -_-
I now really like the idea of Candice as Wanda, Elisabeth Harnois will probably always be my favourite Wanda (I pictured her from the beginning, before I even saw any other fan castings - I had just finished rewatching Point Pleasant =P so, yeah...) but Candice and Amanda are good too.

Ian is my favourite Ian, but quite a few of the other suggestions I'm okay with too (although, you said that Drew Fuller fits the description but he doesn't actually have blue eyes, his eyes are green: but there's always contacts if he ever was cast)
Awww, I remember Drew Fuller. And aaaahhh James McAvoy, I love him so! ♥ He's too small-ish to be my "perfect" Ian, but omg his acting skills and beautiful features pull me in every time. LOL

Amanda Seyfried. Love her!


April 29 2010, 05:55:09 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 29 2010, 06:38:48 UTC

Yes, the episode is "Allison from Palmdale" in which she plays Cameron, the terminator, and Allison, the human girl that the terminator was modeled off of. (Allison was captured by the bad guys and then they make a terminator in her image in order to try to infiltrate the human camp.)

Anyway... sorry, kinda OT for the I/W comm. I'm going to make a "This is why Summer Glau is the perfect Melanie" post soon though... hopefully.


April 29 2010, 07:06:58 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 29 2010, 07:13:49 UTC

I remember when I didn't even know who Summer Glau was and someone in the_host_novel (WAS IT YOU? It was sooo long ago) put together a bunch of pictures that related to different scenes from the novel. It was really good and convincing.

and lol dw, I don't think it's that OT because with regards to casting (not the character), the actress has to be able to pull off both personalities, right? :D
I'm not going to do any Ian defending, but I think it's possible that schedules could be worked around and that TVD would not completely exclude him from being cast as Ian.

I will say that I think Kristen Bell would be perfect if she were younger because...
a) she is petite and blonde (her tininess is usually against her but totally works for this role)
b) she is adorable and bubbly, which Pet is, even though Wanderer isn't (After she's made her body switch she talks about how she giggles too easily and blushes too much and generally wears her heart on her sleeve. I believe that the top choices could all do this, but I see Kristen doing it in my mind's eye precisely because I've seen her other characters do it.)
c) she is incredibly talented plus has experience with voice-overs

And besides, don't they make a pretty pair? ;)

So... there are my favorites, but I like a lot of these people for the roles (especially for Wanderer) so I wouldn't have a problem with some of the other picks above, but these two would be my preference.
i do tend to lean toward ian for ian, but considering the level devotion to playing damon /he couldn't even do a proper boone anymore :o/ i'm not so sure he'd pull it off the right way. too bad i don't like any of the other choices on the list, lol xD
with wanda i like most emily dereavin and kristen bell, both come close to what i've imagined wanda looks like. besides them i like elizabeth harnois, but i totally would hate to see amanda seyfried play her.
melanie... damn, i would hate for anyone else beside sophia to play the role. i find both summer and camilla DREADFUL! and i love eliza, but i couldn't really picture her as mel.
Since I have never seen any of these choices act, my opinion is entirely based on looks. None of the Ians fit the picture in my head completely, but if I had to choose, it would be Ian Somerhalder. With different eyebrows, lol? For Wanda, definitely Elizabeth Harnois, she's as close as it gets. Still not exactly perfect, but I saw a picture of her once and it was close. I'm surprised at how old she is now! And as for Mel, I mostly tend to imagine her with short hair due to the fact that Wanda has cut her hair for most of the book. So the closest out of those options is Sophia Bush, with a 1% hint of Summer Glau (yet I wouldn't like Summer to be cast as Mel, because she's not right to me). This is just for fun, I don't think these people will be cast. And I'd probably prefer complete randoms to be cast (as long as they could act!) Wish I could draw or something, because I see the characters so clearly in my head. I hope that whoever is cast for the movie won't change that, like with Twilight for me. I can never FULLY erase RPattz/KStew when I read it, much to my dismay. :(
When I read the host Drew Fuller was my Ian from the start. For me he is Ian. I loved him in Charmed, and I do think that he's a good actor. I've watched The Ultimate Gift and his acting has improved so much since his days in Charmed. And Mel is always Sophia Bush for me. I'm a little bit torn about Wanda though, but I think that Brittany Snow can work as Wanda. But, Drew and Sophia are the dream team.
Candice just seems perfect for Pet, imho. She looks the part and from what I've seen of her acting, she could pull off Pet's innocence.

Of the choices for Ian, I think I like Chris Hemsworth the best. But I've only got a few minutes of screen-time to go on and I don't think that's enough to judge someone's acting abilities.

Ian Somerhalder reminds me more of Kyle, to be perfectly honest.

Of the choices listed, I like Summer best for Mel. She has the acting chops to really nail the part and she'd also do great with any of the action-sequences. My personal choice for Mel is Tania Raymonde (Alex from LOST) but I think Summer is an excellent option.

In a perfect world, they'd cast two different actresses for Mel and Wanda (Tania & Summer would make a great team, I'm just saying :D) so we could actually see the struggle going on between them.
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