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Hello all and thank you for joining ianwanderer! I know the movie is still a long way from complete and there's no word on sequels yet, so stuff is slow and you might even be wondering: WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS COMM? Well, the point is that I love this couple a lot and I know there are a lot of other fans out there who love them too... so I thought they deserved a comm of their own... Hopefully the slow rate of news will not discourage you for posting fanart, music, discussion, anything you want related to Ian/Wanderer :)

Anyway, this is a post that you can use to introduce yourself to your fellow Ian/Wanderer fans~

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April 22 2010, 23:05:35 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 22 2010, 23:06:46 UTC

Name: Lindsey
Age: 22.11 (23 in exactly one month o_O)
Location: Toronto
What do you like best about Ian/Wanderer? I love how completely enamored Ian becomes with Wanderer despite his initial feelings towards the souls. Their relationship is just extremely sweet and touching and Ian is pretty much the best ever. And I have this weird thing about human/alien relationships. Sometimes it can be gross when the aliens are gross, but in this case, it's just lovely :)
Favorite quotes? surprise, surprise: "You. Are. Not. Leaving. Me." ...there are a lot of great exchanges between them though.
Favorite scenes? Many many many, but one of my favourites is when Ian happily waves goodbye to Wanderer in front of all of the humans, and then laughs to himself. ♥
Do you have a dream cast? at this moment, not really, lol. I like putting faces to the characters for graphics, but there isn't an actor or actress that I desperately want in either role... I'd be happy with unknowns.
Sequels Y/N? As much as I want more of this story, I think it ended in a good place. I'd be fine with no sequels, but if Meyer decides to write them, then that's great too.
Other ships you like? The Host: Mel/Jared, Kyle/Sunny. Other fandoms: Edward/Bella, Katniss/Peeta, Anakin/Padmé, Stefan/Elena ...and more.
Post a pic or a gif! I'll come back with one :)

pretty fanart by nicolemissing!
Name: Becka
Age: Sixteen
Location: North Dakota
What do you like best about Ian/Wanderer? Absolutely everything! I love Ian's adorable start to the relationship, and the way Wanderer falls for him, and then how she MELTS into him and they get all adorable and steaaamy and they're just SO PERFECT. And Ian's just SO SWEET TO HER. GAH. IT KILLS ME.
Favorite quotes? I really don't have the patience to go through and read them all.. my favorite of all time = "You. Are. Not. Leaving. Me." .. it's one of my Ian/Wanderer top scenes. That part of the book was so epic.
Favorite scenes? When they play soccer and she says if he wins she'll sleep with him and he wins and he's all, "Hmmm I'm feeling pretty tired, how about you?" GAH SO CUTE.
And of course as I said above, when Ian finds out about her wanting to leave, and he gets all pissed and they fight and then he cries *me too* and then they cuddle. SO CUTE.
And I love when he's telling her how he likes her and tries kissing her and she's like GUH STOP I CAN'T TAKE IT and then when Jamie says Jared wants her to sleep with them and Ian tells Jamie to tell Jared he's shameless. :)
Do you have a dream cast? I have tons of people that would work, but not specifically no.
Sequels Y/N? I REALLY. REALLY. REALLY. WANT THERE TO BE SEQUELS. like really bad. guh.
Other ships you like? Mel/Jared. Kyle/Sunny. Katniss/Peeta. Katniss/Gale. Harry/Ginny. Damon/Elena. Jacob/Bella. Jace/Clary. aaand lots lots more.
Ooh yeah, the soccer scene. I love that part :D

AND I FORGOT, also when she asks him to kiss her and he's so confused and you know he totally wants to, but isn't sure if he should ♥

He was like WHAT?! YOU WANT ME TO KISS YOU?! And he wanted to do it so bad and then he did and really she was just ussssing him! =(
Name: Lucy
Age: 18
Location: Brighton, England
What do you like best about Ian/Wanderer? I love the easy progression of their relationship - how Ian initially reacts to her, and how he later tries to repent for his actions. And I love how protective he is of her when Jared returns. And how Wanderer's feelings also start to slowly change... just... everything.
Favorite quotes? "It's not the face, but the expressions on it. It's not the voice, but what they say. It's not how you look like in that body, it's what you do with it. You are beautiful." ♥
Favorite scenes? Oh, so many. When Wanda asks Ian why he hasn't killed her yet, when Ian sits with her for three days in silence, when he kisses her forehead after Kyle's attack... so many cute moments.
Do you have a dream cast? I can definately see Ian Somerhalder as our beloved Ian. I think I'd prefer unknown actors though. I like seeing someone completely unheard of surprise me.
Movie Y/N? Definately yes!
Sequels Y/N? At first I was unsure, because I felt The Host was absolutely perfect as a stand-alone novel... but now, especially after the extra chapter, I just have to have more!
Other ships you like? The Host: Kyle/Sunny, Wes/Lily, Mel/Jared. Other: Edward/Bella, Jake/Neytiri, Katniss/Peeta, Derek/Chloe, Jace/Clary, Stefan/Elena, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Post a pic or a gif!(
"I held you in my hands, wanderer, and you were so beautiful."
Actually, you're very right about the bonus chapter. As much as I think the novel could be a stand-alone novel, the bonus material did make me want more o_O
Name: Claire
Age: 25
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
What do you like best about Ian/Wanderer? \ I love them both individually & as a couple because they just seem to compliment each other so well- they are both fiercely loyal & loving!
Favorite quotes? "I, the soul called Wanderer, love you, human Ian. And that will never change, no matter what I become. If I were a Dolphin or a Bear or a Flower, it wouldn't matter. I would always love you, always remember you. you will be my only partner."
Favorite scenes?so many fav scenes- when they are playing soccer, when he sits with her for 3 days saying nothing, how Ian constantly fights for her and of course the heartbreaking scene at the end when they admit their love for each other!
Do you have a dream cast? no not really?! Does that make me a bad fan? :S I just want actors who can do the characters justice!
Movie Y/N? Yes please! ASAP!
Sequels Y/N? hmmm i don't know! I would love to go back into their world just as long as it was engaging as the first novel!
Other ships you like? Mel/Jared, Kyle/Sunny
sorry forgot to put my other ships!!

Other ships you like? Edward/Bella, Ron/Hermione, Jace/Clary

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