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ianwanderer's Journal

Ian and Wanderer
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ian & wanderer;
you. are. not. leaving. me.
ianwanderer is a fan community dedicated to the pairing of Ian/Wanderer from Stephenie Meyer's novel The Host. Here you can find discussion, fan art, music, fics, and anything and everything related to the lovely pairing.

1. All posts must relate to Wanderer, Ian O'Shea, or Ian/Wanderer.
2. No rude behavior or comments will be tolerated. Every member is entitled to their opinions, but you have to be respectful.
3. Please TAG your entries with the appropriate tags. If you don't know which tag to use or if you need a new tag, just ask here!
4. Use an lj-cut for posts with a large amount of text or if you have any large graphics.
5. Refrain from using fancy text or large font sizes in your posts. The font should remain the default size/color, and bold/italics/underline should only be used when appropriate. Likewise, do not abuse the caps lock key or netspeak.
6. If you are posting fanfiction, please use the following or some similar form before your fic:

7. Any other questions/comments/concerns can be directed here.

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