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popular ian/wanderer fancasting picspam

If you know me, you know how fickle I am when it comes to dream casts, especially concerning The Host. I can never really "commit" to an actor or actresses, so instead of making a picspam of my dream cast Ian and Wanderer ...I've made a compilation of the popular choices for these two roles. Obviously Wanderer doesn't have a body outside of Melanie's until the end, so I also dedicated a small section to Melanie as the actress who portrays Melanie will also be portraying Wanderer (she better be a damn good actress otherwise this film is screwed, lol).

I know there's a chance I didn't feature your particular Ian or Wanderer, but I just went with the actors and actresses who are favourites/popular. If you don't agree with any of these choices, that's totally cool (as I myself am wishy-washy). Feel free to share your own in the comments or make your own picspams. :)

ian o'shea*
" with oddly fair skin and vivid blue eyes..."*
The Host, page 123.

Chacey C, famous for being the prettiest manwhore on Gossip Girl. He's like, the underdog dream cast Ian. His acting ~skillz~ aside, some may argue that he is too young and "girly", but he's never been quite ruled out of the fandom. To be honest, if the Melanie actress cast is crap (because I think whomever plays Melanie matters a lot), then I'd be perfectly fine with Chace as Ian because at least there'd be something nice to look at during the movie, heh.

I think this choice is mainly based on physical appearance for he certainly does "look" like Ian. Black hair (if he dyed it), fair skin, striking blue eyes... I haven't seen him act in anything, so I don't know how he'd fare in that respect.

This is the newest suggestion I have seen, but I included Chris Hemsworth because a lot of people were really enthusiastic about the idea of him as Ian. I haven't seen Star Trek yet (don't ask me why. I don't have such answers.) or anything else he has been in, but he definitely looks like he could pull off Ian.

Chris Pine is somewhat of an awkward choice because he's also fan casted as Jared (and sometimes even Kyle), who is not really like Ian at all. Like I said, I haven't seen Star Trek, so I cannot judge his acting skills. (I did see that Lindsay Lohan movie he was in though, but I don't think I can use that to judge anything ever in life)

Surprise, surprise, it's Mr. Somerhalder. He is undoubtedly the most popular choice for Ian, and the most popular choice for any role overall (even moreso than Sophia as Mel). He is sometimes also fancasted as Kyle O'Shea which makes me think that this must be mostly appearance-based (because appearance-wise Ian = Kyle). HOWEVER, personally, in the days when I saw Somerhalder as Ian O'Shea it was due to his role as the youthful Boone Carlyle of the most awesome show ever LOST. Ian Somerhalder is a snarky vampire now and ehhh, I don't know.... Ahhh I can't even begin to get into it. And that's all I will say about that. Oh, and despite the ~rumors~ I'm pretty sure he hasn't been cast...

James McAvoy is the first Ian suggestion I can remember from waaay back in May 2008 when the novel was first released, but he still seems to appear now and then in fanart. He's definitely got the pretty blue eyes (but so does EVERY guy fancasted as Ian).

"The face in the mirror was roundish, too, not quite oval. Small. The skin on the face had the same silver undertone - silver like moonlight- as the hand did, with another handful of the golden freckles across the bridge of the nose. Wide gray eyes, the silver of the soul shimmering faintly behind the soft color, framed by tangled golden lashes. Pale pink lips, full and almost round, like a baby's. Small, even white teeth behind them. dimple in the chin. And everywhere, everywhere, golden, waving hair that stood away from my face in a bright halo and fell below where the mirror showed."
The Host, page 603.

Elisabeth Harnois who is apparently 30 years old. I never watched One Tree Hill, but I suppose she does have that innocent angelic little girl look with the wavy blonde hair.

Amanda is soo talented and has played a variety of roles, so I don't doubt that she could pull it off. She's not *that* popular of a suggestion, but she definitely fits the general physical description of Pet, which is why I included her (and why she's on the user info banner of this comm).

Kristen Bell, a fan favourite. Petite, blonde, blue eyes. Hmm, not really sure what else I can say about her. I feel like she's too hyper in all of her roles (Veronica, Elle, various romcom protagonists) to play Wanderer, but who knows. Like Elisabeth Harnois, she may be a tad too old.

Emilie de Ravin ...otherwise known as the pregnant girl on LOST who is now cuckoo. I don't remember when she was first suggested, but she seems to be a really popular choice. Again, I think it's the physical description, like 95% of dream cast Wanderers.

More The Vampire Diaries cast? Yes, it's Candice Accola who plays Caroline Forbes on TVD. She's not that popular of a choice, but I included her because physically she's the closest actress who looks like the Wanderer in my mind. I don't think she's naturally blonde, but whatever - people can dye their hair. Her freckles are probably what make me picture her. Pet is described as having golden freckles scattered across her face.

melanie stryder

The four most popular actresses for Melanie Strdyer...

Sophia Bush: the most popular choice. I've never seen "Hitcher" or whatever that film is called with her in the desert, but she is basically the Somerhalder of the Melanie role.

Eliza Dushku: fits the very general description and can certainly pull off the two (or ten) personalities in one body.

Summer Glau: I have never watched TSCC and paid proper attention, but kissingdaylight always refers to this one episode in which Summer had to play two roles in one... Summer also looks innocent, but in a scary way because you know she can still kick your ass.

Camilla Belle: tanned, pretty, dark hair, brown eyes ...but I think fanart is where she starts and stops as Melanie. In other words, she looks like a Mel, but Idk about pulling it off acting-wise :/

I think that Melanie should either go to an unknown or a relatively unknown actress. But hey - it's nice to cast already known actresses for the sake of fanart ;)


*this is actually a description of Kyle, but Wanderer notes a few lines down when Ian first speaks that they looked exactly the same. Ian's descriptive features are spread all throughout the novel, so I just used Kyle's since it was there in one sentence, lol

"It’s not the face, but the expressions on it. It’s not the voice, but what you say. It’s not how you look in that body, but the things you do with it. You are beautiful."
-Ian, chapter 38.
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